There are some gardens which seem to get all the luck. They bask in the sunshine during summer. They never get waterlogged or muddy in winter. They seem to have the perfect soil and the flowers bloom on time every single year. Yes, these gardens do exist. The problem is that they are extremely rare.
If you, like most homeowners, find yourself battling with a stubborn garden every time that spring rolls around, it is time to make a change. With the help of a skilled construction company operating in Ipswich, you can find manageable solutions for even the trickiest of terrains. So, don’t let the quirks of your garden get you down – embrace them.
This handy guide to some of the most common landscaping problems will show how to beat them with the minimum of fuss and effort.

The Land is Too Rocky

If you are struggling to accommodate a rocky slope in an otherwise flawless garden, why not embrace the diversity and create a special rock garden? There are homeowners who go to great lengths to create rock gardens, from scratch, in their yards. You are lucky enough to have a readymade one. This design is ideal for cacti, ferns, and flowering plants like begonias. You can also introduce lichen and moss varieties if you want to keep things raw and rustic.

The Soil is on a Slope and Eroding Fast

To create flowerbeds and features in a sloped garden, you need the support of retaining walls. This is exactly the type of thing which a reliable construction company operating in Ipswich will be able to help you with. It is not a big job and should be finished quickly; all that needs to be created is a barrier which is sturdy enough to hold the soil in against the slope. These retaining walls are very aesthetically appealing and can be designed to match the style of your garden.

There is too Much Ground Water

In some cases, gardens on a slope end up with a lot more groundwater than they should. This can be caused by something as simple as rainwater running straight off a neighbouring garden (on an incline) and into yours. If the soil is waterlogged and boggy, there are a number of solutions which can be implemented. The most common is a ‘French drain.’ This is a small trench dug into the soil which is designed to reroute ground water. It can be safely constructed by a local construction company, without any lasting damage to the soil.

The Garden is Not Private Enough

You do not have to be hiding anything to want to keep your garden and home private. If nosy neighbours, noisy traffic, or intrusive pets are getting you down, it could be time to think about building a fence or barrier of some kind. With lots of different materials to choose from (you can swap the fence for tall shrubs and trees), it is easy to create a barrier which is as stylish as it is functional. The best thing to do is ask a contractor for advice on the most suitable options for your landscape and terrain.

I Want to Invest in Hardscape Options

Or, if pruning, weeding, and mowing does not sound like your idea of fun, you can always invest in hardscaping features. This includes things like patios, decking, stone walls, and anything else which favours permanent elements over plants and shrubs. If carefully designed, patios can look remarkably beautiful. Plus, they are great places to keep garden furniture, toys, and barbecuing accessories. If you have enough space, you might even want to consider building a high quality outdoor fireplace.

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