For anybody currently considering a large scale construction project, the thoughts of how and when to pick your contractor are bound to be looming large. Whether you are starting a brand new build or just extending the family home, choosing the right company for the job is essential. The question is, how do you know which contractor is the most suitable?
The first thing to remember is that this is not a quick fire process. It requires careful thought and consideration. You are putting the success of your building project in the hands of a third party; you need to make sure that you can trust them. The good news is that the selection process is fairly straightforward. Use your common sense and you will pick a winner.
This simple guide to hiring a great new build contractor will help you to pick a company that cares for your project as much as you do.

Only Consider Experienced Contractors

While it is certainly true that everybody has to start somewhere, you do not want a rookie contractor cutting its teeth on your big build. Let somebody else give the newcomers a little bit of practice, because your project needs the best. When choosing a new build contractor, find out about its level of experience. At Diggerwork we have over 30 years extensive experience on a wide range of projects, so you know you’re in safe hands.

Check for Insurance and Licences

If you are making your selection from high quality contractors, the chances of a company having no license or insurance are extremely slim. However, it is still your responsibility, as a consumer, to check for these requirements. Feel free to ask us directly about our insurance, the licenses we hold, and what measures are in place to protect your project and investment.

Make Your Contractor Work for You

Do not sign any kind of agreement with a new build contractor until you have established whether or not the construction team is willing to work within your budget. Yes, you also need to make compromises if necessary – a construction company cannot work miracles. We are happy to discuss different options and do everything possible to meet your budget, while not compromising on quality.

Hold a Preliminary Consultation

You are advised to meet with a construction team before the project begins. You don’t really want to be meeting the people responsible for your entire build after the point of no return has already come and gone. If it does turn out that there are creative differences, you can, of course, dismiss and replace your new build contractor, but this will cost you money. This is why we eliminate the risk by meeting first and showing we share your vision.

IF you are looking for a new build contractor, why not contact us using our contact form or call diggerwork today on 01473 785729 and speak to a representative.