It is not uncommon for homeowners to take on big landscaping jobs all by themselves. And, sometimes, the gamble turns out to be a successful one. However, more often than not, mistakes are made and gardens do not turn out as planned. This is because landscaping is a tough process. Like interior design, it requires the ability to step back from the space and see it as a whole, even before it is complete.
It also involves a huge amount of physical labour and time. This is why many more homeowners do the practical thing and invest in high quality landscaping in Suffolk. With the support of a professional team, you can make sure that your dream garden becomes a reality. You can avoid all of the major faux pas that amateurs tend to fall victim to and you can invest in a solid, sound, beautiful outdoor space.
This guide to some of the most common landscaping mistakes and their solutions will help you make the right decision for your home.

A Fixation with Straight Lines

When it comes to landscaping in Suffolk, many amateurs fixate on straight lines and perfect angles. They opt for total uniformity and position their plants and shrubs in flawless formations. They believe that natural elevations need to be obliterated and flattened. This is not true and it leads to gardens which are not completely unattractive, but they are somehow unappealing.
The most beautiful gardens are those that work with nature. They find a way to incorporate gentle elevations and use the existing shape of the land to enhance their visual appeal. Nature does not grow in straight lines, so if you are looking for a truly unique outdoor space, let your landscaping team get a little creative.

Ignoring the Front Garden

If you are in Suffolk and going to invest in skilled landscaping, you need to think about all of the green spaces around your home. If you only pay attention to the front garden, you are going to miss out on its full potential. High quality landscaping can significantly increase the value of a home, so maximise this opportunity and beautify all outdoor spaces.
If you are on a budget, you can of course complete your landscaping in phases. However, it is important to consider the whole project (front and back gardens) as a cohesive and connected process. So many homeowners start off well and then get lazy with their landscaping. They forget all about the front garden and this negatively impacts the value of the other spaces.

Landscaping for the Here and Now

The single most common and damaging landscaping faux pas is not treating your garden as a living, growing entity. It is not enough to want your outdoor space to look great now; it must also be easy to maintain, suitable for the climate and soil type, and able to adapt if necessary.
For example, don’t plant trees if you are not sure how big they will be in five years. Steer clear of fancy water features unless you know that you can maintain them. One of the fastest ways to put a beautifully landscaped garden on a path to ruin is to let ambition outweigh ability. Sure, we all want the best for our homes, but high quality landscaping is synonymous with endurance and long term appeal.
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