block paving

The client contacted us to install a new patio and new steps to garden. Because of the low level of the patio in relation to the garden, it was agreed that appropriate drainage needed to be fitted.

Because the customer was clear on their requirements and the materials they wanted to be used, the quoting process was simple. We estimated 7 days for completion. We had been recommended to the customer so they were happy to accept the quote and proceed as soon as possible.

Firstly we cleared the area and disposed of all waste. We were then able to prepare the ground by compacting layers of type 1 stone. In order to create an attractive pattern using the stone we selected 6 different sizes and installed them onto a sand/cement bed. A central drain with a gulley was fitted to prevent any puddles forming on the surface. Finally we constructed the steps to the garden and side gate using bricks and slabs.

The works were completed by 2 men in 5 days, and the customer was extremely pleased with the result.