If you are considering becoming one of an increasing number of people investing in new builds in Ipswich, you’ll know that there’s lots of think about. Taking on any kind of large scale construction project is tough, but committing to an entirely new build requires plenty of patience and bags of enthusiasm.

You also need a construction company that you can trust, especially if your own experience of building projects is limited. In fact, the relationship between you and your construction team is an integral part of turning the dream into a reality. There will be things that you don’t understand or have never come across before, but it is the job of your team to keep you updated and in the loop.

This handy guide to the importance of cavity wall closers for new builds in Ipswich will help you to grips with the basics.

The Purpose of Wall Cavities

Those with little experience of building projects can be forgiven for thinking that wall cavities are nothing but empty space. In appearance, they absolutely, which is why they are so easy to underestimate or disregard. The reality, however is that this empty space plays a fundamental role when it comes to insulating a home.

So, yes, the cavity is the empty space between two walls – specifically, between the outer and the inner wall – but there is a little more to the story. The space, if left empty, forms a thermal barrier that surrounds the room and keeps heat from escaping. If filled with insulating material, this effect is intensified and the property becomes a lot more energy efficient.

Understanding Cavity Wall Closers

A cavity wall closer is a frame that sits on the end of the wall cavity and functions as a barrier, so that moisture, dirt, and mould cannot get inside. It is usually installed around doors and windows, because it makes sure that the opening in the wall stays sealed and secure. When planning new builds in Ipswich, it is really important to invest in and install high quality closers.

They keep rainwater and humidity out of rooms, but only if the seal is tight and the materials are robust. Good cavity wall closers also have the advantage of being compatible with most window and doors systems, so it is worth spending a little more for a quality product. The majority allow builders to install windows from both the inside and the outside. This is an important feature, because it makes installation, particularly at great heights, much safer.

Choosing a Reliable and Skilled Contractor

The first step of any large scale building project is to find a reliable contractor. This is triply vital if you don’t have much construction experience yourself. It is a good idea to start by collecting quotes from a handful of different construction companies. Then, when you have built up a good picture of market price, you can think about credentials and accreditations.

If you get the opportunity, it could be useful to ask friends and relatives for recommendations. This is one of the best ways to find a local contractor that you can trust, because top quality construction teams always have a great reputation. Make sure that your construction service is efficient, independent (you won’t always be on site), and passionate about your project.

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