For a homeowner, a solid and reliable driveway is something which evokes pride. It represents the gateway to a house; the ‘keys to the kingdom’,’ so to speak. This means that it needs to be not just sturdy and dependable, but aesthetically appealing too. Whilst the driveway might not be the first thing that people think about when imagining their dream homes, it becomes difficult to miss if it is filled with potholes, cracks, chips or fissures.
The good news is that we at Diggerwork are construction and builders in Ipswich who can help you to create the perfect driveway. They can also give you valuable advice on how to maintain your driveway during the coldest months of the year. In winter, concrete driveways can be especially susceptible to cracking, so it is important to carry out regular maintenance and check the surface for damage.
The following tips and tricks will help you learn how to keep your driveway in top condition all year round.

Pressure Wash Regularly

The regularity with which you pressure wash the surface of a driveway will depend entirely on how often you use it and how intensely. So, for example, if you are running, repairing, or storing a motorbike on your driveway, it is bound to get dirty more quickly than if you were only storing a car. Similarly, if you do perform repairs or fill up the oil tank whilst on the driveway, a regular pressure wash will be needed to remove stains. With the help of a powerful pressure washing tool, the job should be done in no time.

Never Use De-Icing Products

As a team of skilled builders will tell you, de-icing products can be a hazard for concrete surfaces. This include concrete patios and driveways, so take the advice of our reliable team of builders from Ipswich and steer clear of these harsh chemicals. The problem with chemical de-icers is that they gradually eat away at the surface of concrete, which weakens its integrity and significantly increases the likelihood of cracks and fissures. If your driveway is prone to ground frost and ice during the winter, try sprinkling sand over the top instead.

Remove Creeping Weeds

It is important to understand that the unchecked spread of weeds and roots will pose problems for a driveway in the long term. Whilst it might seem silly to worry about the growth of a few benign looking plants, the force of nature is surprisingly hefty and if you do not keep roots from creeping beneath a driveway, they will eventually lead to cracks. However, if you are not sure how to deal with them, you can always call in the help of builders or landscaping specialists, who will identify the weak spots and show you how to fortify them, if necessary.

Repair Cracks Quickly

There is a very good reason why concrete is such a popular choice for residential driveways. It is extremely tough and will last a lifetime, if cared for properly; this means timely resurfacing and checking for damage periodically, over the course of the year. After a time, all concrete starts to wear (visibly and structurally) and this aging process results in unsightly cracks, chips, and fissures. The most effective way to deal with this is to repair damaged areas as soon as they become visible. It can be useful to think of cracked concrete as being like a car windscreen – even the tiniest of chips can grow and expand if not handled quickly.
For more advice and information on driveway maintenance and repair or to arrange for a paving and driveway consultation in Ipswich, why not contact us at Diggerwork today.